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DCD780C2 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Compact Drill / Driver Kit (1.5 Ah)

The DCD780C2 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Compact Drill / Driver Kit is lightweight and compact for working in tight spaces for long periods of time. High-speed transmission delivers 2 speed variations allowing users to choose the level of performance needed for various applications.


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    2015 NAPA DEWALT Q4 REBATE 10-1-2015

    We are offering the following DEWALT manufacturer's mail-in rebates with the purchase of select DEWALT tools from any authorized participating NAPA Tools & Equipment retailer. Please note the following promotion highlights:
    DCF889P2, DCF899P1, DCF899B, DCF899HP2, OR DCF899HBDCB205, DCF885B, OR DCD780B
    DCK398HM2, DWV012, DW059K-2, DWE1622K, DCK286D2, DCK296M2, DCF889HM2, DCF895M2, DCK255X, DCK251X, DCK490L2, DCK455X, OR DCK590L2DCR006 OR DCB205
    DCK211S2, DCK212S2, DCF813S2, OR DCT412S1DCL510, DCB090, OR DCB127
    DCS371P1, DCG412P2, DCS380P1, DCF883M2, DCD780C2, DCF895D2, DCS355D1, OR DCF880HM2DCR006 OR DCB205
    DWP849X, DWP849, DWV010, DW293, OR DWE4887DWE4012 OR D26453K
    DWE402, DWE4011, DW235G, D26960K, 7424XP OR DW758DWMT73808
    D55140, D55146, D55151, D55167, OR D55154     DWMT70783, DWMT70784, OR DWMT70785 
    DWMT74271, DWMT70773L, OR DWMT70774  DWMT73805 
    DWMT70775, DWMT70776L, DWMT70777, DWMT70778, DWMT70779, DWMT70780, DWMT70781L, DWMT70782L, DWMT70783, DWMT70784, DWMT70785, or DWMT70786LDWHT10272
    • This offer is only available at participating authorized NAPA Tool & Equipment retailers.
    • You must purchase a qualifying tool between October 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015.
    • You claim must be postmarked on or before January 15,2016.
    To receive your rebate you must include the following:
    • A redemption form completed in its entirety. Download the attached file located at the end of this answer.
    • Original NAPA sales receipt(s) or sales invoice(s) dated between 10/01/2015 and 12/31/2015.Photo copies will not be accepted (except for RI residents). It is recommended that you make a photo copy of all submitted materials for your records. Note: To resolve any potential questions or issues regarding your submission, you may be required to mail or fax these copies.
    • Original UPC barcode cut from the outside product packaging of the DEWALT product purchased.
    In a stamped envelope mail the above items to:

    PO Box 42833
    Towson, MD 21284

    Please allow 5-7 weeks for delivery. To check the status of your rebate please call 866-444-5290.

    Thank you for your interest in DEWALT tools. It has been our pleasure to provide this information. For additional details, disclaimers and exclusions please read the fine print found on the rebate form.
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    Do you have tools that are made in the USA? Can I get more information on the DeWalt Made in the USA product line?

    1. What does “Built in the USA” mean?
    DEWALT understands that buying American products and building the American economy are important to our customers. DEWALT is now offering a selection of more than 600 different power tool, hand tool, and accessory products that are being built right here in the USA, using materials and components from all over the world.

    2. What does “global materials” mean? Where do those materials come from?
    DEWALT is a global manufacturer and distributor of power tools. We currently manufacture our tools in the US, Mexico, Brazil, China, Italy, the UK, and the Czech Republic, among other locations, and our products are built with materials and components from all over the globe.

    3. Why is DEWALT building products in the USA now?
    DEWALT is a global brand with American roots. Our tools have always been serviced here in the USA, and a selection of our products has always been built in our US factories using global materials. Now we are expanding the number of tools we build in the USA using global materials.

    4. How many products are being built in the USA?
    DEWALT will build more than 600 different products in the USA using global materials.

    5. Which products are being built in the USA?
    DEWALT will build more than 600 different hand tools, cordless power tools, and accessories in the USA using global materials. This includes some of our most popular products such as the 20V Max Lithium Ion Compact Drill/Driver Kit (DCD780C2) and 20V Max Lithium Ion ¼" Impact Driver Kit (DCF885C2). For a full list of products being built in the USA with global materials, visit

    6. How did you choose which products you would build in the USA?
    Cordless products represent a large growth opportunity and are widely used by professional contractors throughout the USA. In order to provide a faster response to our customers, we chose to build some of our most popular cordless power tools here in the USA using global materials.

    7. Why are only cordless products being built in the USA? Why only specific voltages?
    We feel like there are opportunities to offer users a cordless option for products built in the USA with global materials because our 18V and 20V product lines make up the majority of the market in the United States.

    8. Are batteries and chargers built in the USA? DEWALT chargers are currently built in Thailand, China, and Taiwan, and our batteries are built in China,
    Mexico, Japan, and Korea.

    9. Are the products that are built in the USA better quality or different than the products made in other
    Our products that are built in the USA using global materials maintain the same Guaranteed Tough quality
    our customers have come to know and expect from DEWALT.

    10. Are there plans to build more products in the USA? Will all products be built in the USA eventually?
    We plan to continue building products in all of our facilities to their fullest potential to allow us to provide
    the highest quality tools at competitive prices in the marketplace.

    11. Where are the tools being built?
    We moved some of our production back to the USA to respond to customer demand, starting with some
    of our most popular cordless power tools. Production of these cordless tools will begin in our Charlotte
    Manufacturing Operations facility. The 75,000-square-foot facility straddles the border of North and South

    12. Are there plans to open more factories in the USA?
    This remains to be determined.

    13. What are the other US factory locations?
    DEWALT has manufacturing plants in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and

    14. What are the next products to be built in the USA? When will they be available?
    This remains to be determined.

    15. How can I tell if the tool is built in the USA?
    A DEWALT product that is built in the USA with global materials will feature a special “Built in the USA”
    logo on the packaging as well as on the nameplate of the tool with the product specifications.

    16. When and where can I purchase a BIUSA tool?
    DEWALT began producing American-built power tools in its Charlotte Manufacturing Operations facility in
    early October using global materials; that facility will be fully up and running by November 2013. DEWALT
    tools that are built in the USA using global materials can be found nationally where most tools are sold.

    17. Will building products in the USA change the price I pay for the tool and why?
    No. DEWALT continues to manufacture quality tools at the same end price for professionals, regardless of
    the manufacturing location. DEWALT distributes products as close to its consumers as possible to provide
    the best service and quality.

    18. Can I exchange my current tool for a BIUSA tool?
    We will not implement a specific product exchange program, but each of our products will continue to come with a standard 90-day money back guarantee.

    19. How many jobs will be created with this new initiative?
    Production of DEWALT products that are built in the USA with global materials at the Charlotte Manufacturing Operations facility will help boost the local economy in the Carolinas and create more than 250 new jobs.

    20. How can I apply for a manufacturing job?
    For more information about careers and current job opportunities, please visit