36" 6-Drawer Top Chest

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Product Features

  • 10 -3/8” Deep Top Lid Fits Standing 20V DEWALT Drills
  • Top Keys For Internal locking mechanism with
  • 100-pound auto return drawer slidesFor heavy duty storage capacity
  • Gas Lid Stays For smooth open and close and helps keep the lid open when intended

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Capacity 9,236in/0.151m
Drawer Weight Capacity 100lbs
Drawer Closures Auto Return Drawer Slides
Drawer Depth 17.75"
Ball Bearing Slides Size 45mm
Height 23"
Width 35.75
Depth 16"
Weight 128.60lbs
Weight Capacity 600lbs

Warranty Information

This DEWALT® High Performance Industrial Tool comes with a warranty package that includes:

  • 3 Year Limited Warranty


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