The Jobsite WiFi system uses multiple access points to extend WiFi coverage to the entire site. One Jobsite WiFi Access Point connects to a landline that is typically in the trailer. It then transmits a WiFi signal to other access points on the jobsite. How many access points are used depends on the jobsite size and needs of the business.


At Martin Bros. we see augmented reality changing the entire framework of the construction industry. Having the DEWALT WiFi system on the jobsite allows us to expand and further develop our use of AR and the Microsoft HoloLens. [...] It is very exciting to see DEWALT’s Jobsite WiFi system open the door for many technological innovations we plan on cultivating in the near future.

Robert Klugh
President, Martin Bros.

An always-on connection will enable us to save invaluable time on our projects by reducing trips to the jobsite trailer. Field WiFi puts regularly accessed information like plans, requests for information, shop drawings and building information models at your fingertips.

Richard Chazal
Senior Project Manager, Mortenson

The impact in our IT department has been phenomenal. [The DEWALT Jobsite WiFi system] has allowed me to be involved, but more hands-off because the implementation is so easy. That’s great because I can’t always be at every jobsite all the time. [The field staff] gets the system in, they configure it themselves, they hang it and they know what their results will be.

Shayne Swenson
IT Manager