Small Diameter Construction Saw Blades

Small Diameter Construction Saw Blades

  • Tougher tungsten carbide stays sharper longer
Featuring tungsten carbide teeth for maximum durability and a thin kerf for fast, smooth cuts, DEWALT Small Diameter Construction™ Saw Blades power through a variety of building materials with ease. Ribbed heat vents allow blades to run at cooler temperatures, reducing blade flexing and binding. Anti-stick coating minimizes friction and gum-up.

Additional Features

SKU Product Name Bonded Abrasives Application Bore Size Bore Size Diameter Diameter Disc Diameter Disc Diameter Disc Thickness Disc Thickness Disc Type Grit Size Material Product Pack Quantity Segmented Or Continuous Purchase
DW6805 Plate Joiner Carbide Blade 4 in 1
DW9055 5-3/8" Carbide Saw Blade (16 Tooth) (Fast Woodcutting)
DW9053 5-3/8" Steel Saw Blade (80 Tooth) (Vinyl/Paneling)
DW9059C5 5-3/8" Combo Pack (DW9052, DW9053, DW9054)
DW9153 6-1/2" 90T Steel Saw Blade (Vinyl/Panneling)
DW9054 5-3/8" 24T Carbide Blade (Smooth Woodcutting)



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