HP™ Turbo Blades

HP™ Turbo Blades

With a thin kerf to boost cut speed while minimizing dust, DEWALT HP Turbo Blades feature a high-performance, ultra-durable diamond matrix that offers 200 times the life of conventional abrasive blades. Delivers an expedited cut rate at a constant depth. Ideal for dry cutting a range of masonry material, including block, masonry siding, and much more.


  • High Performance diamond matrix provides 200x's the life of conventional abrasives and enhanced material removal
  • Thinner kerf to increase speed of cut while minimizing dust


  • Dry cutting block, masonry siding products, and other masonry materials
  • Faster cut rate at a constant depth
  • Ideally used on thinner and softer masonry materials
SKU Bore Size Disc Diameter Disc Thickness Product Pack Quantity Purchase
DW4724 12 in 0.12 in 1
DW4725 4 in 10
DW4724B 4 in 1
DW4712 4 in
DW4725B 5 in 1
DW4712B 7 in 1




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