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DEWALT DFD270 Tool Cleaning & Maintenance

This video demonstrates how to properly clean and maintain the DEWALT DFD270 powder-actuated tool. The DEWALT DFD270 .27 Caliber Fully-Automatic Powder-Actuated Tool is designed for structural use in commercial steel and concrete applications.

Fully Automatic Powder Actuated Tool with cleaning kit.

The nailer drives both 8mm and .300” head fasteners and clips in lengths of 1/2” – 2-7/8”, as well as 1/4” threaded studs. It is powered by a standard .27 caliber (short) safety strip load. A power dial allows for adjustment within .27 caliber load colors. Tool-free disassembly allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The DFD270 tool features automatic piston return and load indexing between fastenings, making it ideal for high-capacity commercial applications. With the addition of the DFD2703 Accessory Magazine, the tool can also fasten collated pins. Kit includes tool, Magazine nose piece, Single Shot nose piece, cleaning kit, spall guard, and kit box.  For more information, please visit: