XP 22 Ounce 1 Piece STEEL HAMMER being used on nail.
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New Technology Added To Xp Line Of Hammers


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    Enough is enough. Eliminate the high costs of construction assets.

    Tool theft is an increasingly common problem in construction today, this blog covers best practices to mitigate asset theft and mismanagement.

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    20 Tips for Improving Construction Asset Tracking

    This blog will cover how by using web-based construction asset and inventory tracking software, construction companies can gain greater visibility and control over their assets, improving efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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    How is Web-Based Construction Inventory Software Changing the Industry?

    Streamline your operations by taking control of tool and equipment inventories, better managing field and warehouse logistics, and supporting safety programs with purpose-built technology.

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    Unlock the Power of Modern Inventory Tracking

    This blog will cover best practices being seen in the industry to manage inventory, including choosing the right technology solutions to improve inventory management.

  • DEWALT Concrete Sensor

    How are Concrete Sensors Reshaping the Construction Industry

    The concrete construction market is undergoing rapid innovation with many technologies, such as concrete sensors, helping contractors optimize their delivery processes and mitigate waste, high costs, environmental impact, and many other challenges.