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Push-In Couplers used to connect pre-assembled strut trapeze to DDI threaded inserts for metal deck.

Save 36% Labor Costs On DEWALT Hanger Lift-Related Installations


ArchKey, one of the largest privately held specialty trade installation and facilities services companies in the United States, is a leader in designing, building, and maintaining electrical, technologies, and other specialty systems. Our team of over 5,000 works nationally to support our customers and solve problems regardless of their size or complexity. For more information, please visit Focus on a jobsite is managing job safety and costs. This becomes more challenging when more and more employees are added to a jobsite to achieve schedule commitments. As a Lean Construction company, ArchKey/ Parsons Electric’s goal is to continuously improve which means looking at the way things are done and finding better, smarter, and faster ways to achieve outcomes without adding cost or sacrificing safety. The team observed the high installation time of hangers and set a goal to transition the work into prefabrication – achieving better quality, reducing cost and employee headcount while onsite as well as improving safety due to reduced lift time required.


  • ArchKey/Parsons Electric refined installation approach for Hangers
  • Transitioned more work into the fabrication shop
  • The transition from a standard rod coupling had minimal workflow changes
  • Reduced on-site labor rates with less labor lift usage
  • Significant time savings using DEWALT Push-In Couplers vs. thread in product*
DEWALT PFM3613038 Coupler is attached to a hanging threaded rod in a mechanical room.



DEWALT® offers a wide variety of anchors and fasteners for a full range of electrical workflows.