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Advertisement for the Wonder-Worker emphasizing profit and human-like qualities, Feb. 1926
DEWALT 100th anniversary logo with 100 years on the right

Since 1924

For a century, our commitment to excellence has been unwavering. The DEWALT® name is more than a brand; it's a symbol of trust for world-builders. As we mark 100 years, we celebrate our history, standing strong with the pros who have relied on us since day one.


Strong Foundations

Raymond DeWalt’s invention of the radial arm saw in the 1920s ushers in a new era of jobsite productivity, and the company begins distributing products internationally. DEWALT becomes a soaring success postwar, even influencing national safety policy. DEWALT’s start lays a strong foundation for the iconic brand.


Growing With the Pros


Black & Decker acquires DEWALT in 1960. Competition for market share challenges DEWALT to reevaluate its business strategy.

By the 1990s, DEWALT responds to these challenges with successful launches of portable electric tools and cordless tools that renew fervor for DEWALT among pros and lead to skyrocketing profits.


Expanding Impact


Building upon DEWALT’s range of more than 1,000 products and firmly focusing on the pro end user, DEWALT is poised to expand its impact. DEWALT seizes this opportunity by doubling down on safety, performance and profitability, launching the PERFORM & PROTECT™ line, initiating trade scholarships and supporting first responders during the Boston Marathon bombing and the COVID-19 pandemic.


Transforming Futures


Taking a comprehensive approach, DEWALT continues to transform the industry by proactively looking ahead to meet the needs of the trades.

The Grow the Trades program launches in 2021 with a $30 million commitment to mitigate the skilled labor gap. Total trade solutions target new subsegments, while ELITE SERIES™ and FLEXVOLT® win awards for innovation.

image of two men on a construction site carrying DEWALT storage and tools ready for the job

A Name That Means Something

When you put your name on something, it’s more than a label. It’s a promise. A commitment to get the job done right. It’s the mark we’ve left over 100 years of helping world-builders build the modern world. Since 1924, the DEWALT name has stood for the pros, and it still does—for doing work to the highest standards. As we celebrate 100 years, we’re honoring where we’ve been without losing sight of where we’re going—because the best is yet to come.

Raymond DeWalt Upscaled Photograph

Our Original Pro

Our story began with one person. The man whose name appears on every product we’ve ever made and who set our future in motion: our Original Pro, Raymond DeWalt.

Raymond began his training building wagon wheels with his dad, John, in Pennsylvania. He saw the opportunity to do more, and to do it more safely and more efficiently. In the early 1920s, before movies had sound and most homes had electricity, he invented and patented the Wonder-Worker, an adjustable radial arm electric saw. Raymond later remarked about the necessity that inspired his invention: "The president of the company wouldn't let me increase our payroll, so I simply had to get more work out of the men we had. … You see, in every shop or construction position I have ever had, the question of high costs had been dinned into my ears."

Saving the user from tedious, backbreaking labor, the tool could accomplish 29 different cutting operations without significantly changing the setup, thus revolutionizing productivity and profitability on the jobsite.

Advertisement for the Wonder-Worker, June 1926

And it captivated pros. One remarked at the time, “There is nothing we have tried to do on it that we have not accomplished.”

The Wonder-Worker was the full trade solution of its day—it could do diagonal and cross cuts, bevels and compound bevels, tenons and dadoes, and could rip, route, shape, sand, grind and bore. As Raymond is credited with saying, it could do just about everything except “a handspring or tie itself into a knot.”

Raymond DeWalt with his trades skills students, [ca. 1945]

As an inventor and machine shop educator, Raymond came up with solution after solution to improve the jobsite experience.

Rugged innovation was his signature, and he believed in passing on his knowledge to the next generation. As a trades teacher for the National Youth Administration and at Mechanicsburg High School, he equipped young tradespeople with the drive and skills to build the future.

Two construction workers viewing residential building blueprints with DeWalt (R) Tape visible on table

DEWALT: For the Future

A DEWALT jobsite has always allowed pros to save time and money without compromising on safety, power or quality.

From revolutionizing the electric jobsite in 1924 to advancing cordless tools in 1994, we’ve relentlessly charged ahead. We’ll always innovate to change the world, but we’ll never change who we are.

As we look to tomorrow, we are committed to empowering pros with superior full trade solutions and a century’s worth of hard-won knowledge about performance and safety. As in our earliest days, we’re continuing to innovate products and solutions that meet even the most rigorous demands of today’s world builders. Our commitment includes supporting the next generation of pros through trade scholarships and Grow the Trades grants. Countless jobsites later, our belief in making you the best pro you can be is as strong as ever.

For 100 years, it’s been a name that is respected on every project and in every trade. A name that’s earned its place everywhere you see it.