Tool Connect™ tools with integrated Bluetooth® functionality give you more control with customizable settings. Track the tool through the mobile app and Inventory Manager portal even when a 20V MAX* battery is not attached.

  • Customize tool settings
  • See real-time diagnostics
  • Lend and track tools across


Track anything on the jobsite with the Tool Connect™ Tag. Attach it to the equipment, materials, large tools, and more. The LED indicator light makes it easy to identify which tag you are viewing on your mobile app.

  • Track anything on the jobsite
  • Water and dust proof for durability
  • Large button for fast and simple pairing


Connect to the 20V MAX* tools you already own with the Tool Connect Connector. It attaches permanently for added security, and it adds virtually no weight to the tool.

  • Tool Connect tracking for your current 20V MAX* tools
  • Attaches permanently to prevent tampering
  • Can disable the tool when out of range


Tool Connect batteries connect to the mobile app for tracking and status alerts. Disable batteries to help deter theft, or set a virtual fence to help keep them on the jobsite.

  • Mobile app shows charge status and temperature
  • Receive mobile alerts when charging is complete
  • Set time limit or virtual fence to help deter theft

Download the App

Use the mobile app to connect with Tool Connect assets on the jobsite. Tracking and possession data is sent automatically to your Inventory Manager account.


The Tool Connect Inventory Manager online portal tracks your assets across multiple jobsites using data received from Tool Connect mobile apps connected to your account.