Tool Connect FAQs

  1. What is Tool Connect™ Inventory Manager and how does it work 

    The Tool Connect™ Inventory Manager is a web portal that lets you track all of your inventory. It is updated via the cloud through the Tool Connect™ mobile app for automated management of your Tool Connect™ inventory.

  2. How do I access Tool Connect™ Inventory Manager? 

    Visit Login with your existing credentials or create a new account that can be shared with your whole crew.

  3. Can anyone else pair with the devices on my Tool Connect™ app?

    No. Unlike some competitive products, Tool Connect™ is a closed system for added security, so no one else can pair with your devices while your account is paired to a Tool Connect™ product

  4. Do I need an Internet connection to use the Tool Connect™ app? 

    An Internet or cellular data connection is required to complete the initial user registration process.

    The app periodically backs up your My Tools list to the cloud. This also requires a brief Internet or cellular data connection. You do not need to monitor or manually perform this process. No connection is needed to search information stored within the app or to pair with a new product.

  5. Can I use Tool Connect™ Inventory Manager and app for non-DeWALT® products? 

    Yes. You can attach the Tag to anything on your site, regardless of brand, and connect that to the Tool Connect™ app to receive tracking ability.

    You can also manually enter any non-connected product into your Inventory Manager portal and assign it to jobsites or people. You will not receive automatic tracking updates from the cloud on that item.

  6. Is there a way to transfer my existing inventory list to the Tool Connect™ Inventory Manager web portal?

    Yes. You can import spreadsheets into Tool Connect™ Inventory Manager and easily transfer the list

  7. I don’t want to buy new tools. Does Tool Connect™ work on my existing tools? 

    Yes, with the Connector, you can make your existing DEWALT 20V MAX* tools compatible with Tool Connect™.  The Tag can also be used on any tool, material, or equipment regardless of manufacturer to make it compatible.

  8. Bluetooth® has a maximum 100-foot range. What happens when my tools go out of that range? 

    The Bluetooth® range can be extended by using the Tool Connect™ community. When someone running the Tool Connect™ app on their phone or device passes within range of any Tool Connect™ product, the app automatically updates the location of that tool on the map of the account it is activated to.

    You can also set an “Out of Range Alert” so that when your tool leaves the 100-foot range, you will be alerted.

  9. I just want GPS on my tool so I can track it. Why doesn’t DEWALT® make tools with GPS? 

    GPS is not as reliable indoors or during bad weather. DEWALT® chose to invest in other technologies that work well in real-world conditions and on many types of jobsites, to provide the solutions needed for our customers.

  10. Is there a service fee or a monthly fee? 

    No. Unlike some competitors, the Tool Connect™ app and Inventory Manager web portal have no service or monthly fees.