Fiber Resin Disc Backing Pads

Fiber Resin Disc Backing Pads

Product Overview

These Backing Pads have a turbo design that keeps the fiber resin disc cool. The Firm (rigid) backing pad is ideal for demanding applications that require more pressure when grinding. These are suitable for high stock removal such as chamfering, beveling, and thick weld blending. The Medium (semi-rigid) backing pad is suitable for applications that need flexibility such as weld blending, burr and oxidation removal, and finishing.

Additional Features

SKU Product Name Disc Diameter Purchase
DABP5RR58 5 in X 5/8 in-11 Firm (Rigid) Turbo Backing Pad
DABP4SR58 4-1/2 In X 5/8 In-11 Medium Turbo Backing Pad
DABP5SR58 5 in X 5/8 in-11 Medium Turbo Backing Pad
DABP7RR58 7 X 5/8-11 in Firm (Rigid) Turbo Backing Pad
DABP4RR58 Fiber Resin Disc Backing Pads
DABP7SR58 7 X 5/8-11 in. Medium Turbo Backing Pad



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