XP3 Ceramic Quick Change Discs

XP3 Ceramic Quick Change Discs

Additional Features

SKU Product Name Diameter Disc Diameter Grit Size Product Pack Quantity Application Material Purchase
DALN6C051A 2" XP3 QRC (50 Grit)
DALN6E0550 3" XP3 QRC (50 Grit)
DALP6E0650 3" XP3 QMC (60 Grit)
DALN6C061A XP3 Ceramic Quick Change Discs
DALP6C061A 2" XP3 QMC (60 Grit)
DALN6E0350 3" XP3 QRC (36 Grit)
DALD6E0550 3" XP3 QDC (50 Grit)
DALP6C031A 2" XP3 QMC (36 Grit) 120 100
DALD6C051A 2" XP3 QDC (50 Grit) 50 50
DALN6C031A 2" XP3 QRC (36 Grit) 120 50
DALP6E0550 3" 50g XP3 QMC
DALD6C061A 2" 60g XP3 QDC
DALN6E0650 3" 60g XP3 QRC
DALD6E0650 3" 60g XP3 QDC
DALP6E0350 3" 36g XP3 QMC
DALP6C051A 2" 50g XP3 QMC
DALD6E0350 3" 36g XP3 QDC



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