DCE151 Cable Stripper Bushings

Product Overview

Quick release bushings for the DCE151 XR&®Cordless Cable Stripper are available in 24 sizes, ranging from 1 AWG CU & 1/0 AL to 750 MCM CU & 900 MCM AL. See below for a bushing size reference table. Bushing size is dependent on the cable brand.

Additional Features

  • Bushing connects quickly for ease of use
SKU Product Name Max. Cutting Capacity [Aluminum] Crimping Capacity [Copper Cable] Purchase
DCE1513 Bushing 1/0-2/0 CU, 2/0 AL
DCE15110 Bushing 250-300 MCM CU, 300 MCM AL
DCE1512 Bushing 1/0 CU
DCE1516 Bushing 3/0 CU, 4/0 AL
DCE15117 Bushing 500 MCM CU, 600 MCM AL
DCE1514 Bushing 2/0 CU, 3/0 AL
DCE15120 Bushing 600 MCM CU, 700 MCM AL
DCE15113 Bushing 350-400 MCM CU, 400 MCM AL
DCE15114 Bushing 350-400 MCM CU
DCE15123 Bushing 700-750 MCM CU, 900 MCM AL
DCE15118 Bushing 500-600 MCM CU, 600 MCM AL
DCE1519 Bushing 250 MCM CU, 300 MCM AL
DCE1517 Bushing 4/0 CU
DCE15116 Bushing 500 MCM CU
DCE15124 Bushing 750 MCM CU, 900 MCM AL
DCE1511 DCE151 Cable Stripper Bushings
DCE15119 Bushing 600 MCM CU
DCE15112 Bushing 350 MCM CU,400 MCM AL
DCE15115 Bushing 500 MCM AL
DCE1518 Bushing 4/0-250 MCM CU, 250 MCM AL
DCE15111 Bushing 300 MCM CU, 350 MCM AL
DCE1515 Bushing 3/0 CU
DCE15121 Bushing 600-700 MCM CU, 750 MCM AL
DCE15122 Bushng 700 MCM CU



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