ACSR Cable Cutting Tool Replacement Blade

ACSR Cable Cutting Tool Replacement Blade

  • Cuts up to 1590 ACSR, 750 MCM Copper or 1000 MCM Aluminum
  • Guillotine cutter maintains cable profile for easy connector installation
  • Can be easily serviced and replaced in the field, without going to a Service Center

Product Overview

The ACSR Cable Cutting Tool Replacement Blade is used on the Cordless ACSR Cable Cutting Tool. The guillotine style blade cuts cleanly through 1590 ACSR, 750 MCM Cu, or 1000 MCM Al without causing cable distortion for easy connector installation. The blade is easily replaceable in the field to minimize downtime.

Additional Features


  • Cutting ACSR Electrical Cable
  • Cutting Copper Cable
  • Cutting Aluminum Cable


  • (1) DCE1551 ACSR Replacement Blade



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