Pex Expander Heads

Pex Expander Heads

DEWALT PEX Expander heads are available in 1", 1/2", 3/8", 3/4" and 5/8". They feature automatic rotating capability for even expansion. Maximize durability and corrosion resistance with chrome coating and black zinc plating. They are backward compatible with Milwaukee ProPEX® Heads and color coded for easy size identification. (Milwaukee® is a registered trademark of Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.ProPEX® is a registered trademark of Uponor Oyj.)

Additional Features

SKU Product Name Material Purchase
DCE40038 3/8" PEX Expander Head
DCE40034 3/4" PEX Expander Head
DCE4001 1" PEX Expander Head
DCE40012 Pex Expander Heads
DCE40058 5/8" PEX Expander Head



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