IMPACT READY® Titanium Nitride Coating Drill Bits

IMPACT READY® Titanium Nitride Coating Drill Bits

  • Helps deliver no-walk start and speed with patented pilot point
  • Optimum durability with tapered core
  • Quick chip extraction through optimized flute geometry
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Product Overview

With its unique Pilot Point Tip, the DEWALT IMPACT READY® Titanium Nitride Coated Drill Bits deliver speed and clear holes with minimal burr. The feature tip helps reduce bit walking and Titanium Nitride Coating delivers long life. The optimized flute helps deliver better control of the bit and patented web taper helps increase bit strength. Ideal for metal, wood, and plastic.

Additional Features

  • Long life enabled by Titanium Nitride Coating


Product Pack Quantity
23/64 in



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