Masonry Grinding Wheels Type 27

Masonry Grinding Wheels Type 27

Powered by a high concentration of 100% virgin silicon carbide grain, DEWALT Type 27 Masonry Grinding Wheels deliver aggressive grinding action and smooth-running wheels. 3 full sheets of fiberglass help to increase durability and safety. A proprietary design ensures long wheel life.

SKU Disc Diameter Disc Thickness Product Pack Quantity Purchase
DW4728 5 in 0.08 in 1
DW4959 9 in 1
DW4629 5 in 0.125 in 35
DW4552 4.5 in 0.25 in 10
DW4528 4.5 in 0.25 in 25
DW4628 6 in 0.25 in 10
DW4551 9 in 0.25 in 10
DW4928 6
DW4759 10
DW4524 10
DW4758 7
DW4428 25



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