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XP7 Tile Diamond Blades

Product Details

    Make clean, pristine cuts with minimal wobble with XP7 Tile Diamond Blades. These blades cut with precision thanks to a reinforced hub welded to the core for blade stability. Reduce breaks and get straight, top-quality cuts with an ultra-thin outer rim. Maintain the finest edge with a proprietary mix of high-purity, fine diamonds.
    • Porcelain Tile
    • Ceramic Tile
    • Granite
    • Marble
    • Stone
    • Superior finish: Maintain the finest edge with a proprietary mix of high-purity, fine diamonds*
    • Longer. Stronger. More Extreme.TM

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    Product nameFind the right size SKU Number Of Pieces
    XP7 Tile Diamond Blades
    DW47057 10
    XP7 Tile Diamond Blades
    XP7 Tile Diamond Blades


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    • * This blade uses manufactured diamonds engineered for cutting.
    • * this is for the "LONGER. STRONGER. MORE EXTREME." tagline if needed.