12" Bull Point Bit SDS Max Shank

12" Bull Point Bit SDS Max Shank

  • Fully hardened steel body delivers increased life and durability.
  • Bulk packs of 10 or 15 available for the most common products.

Product Overview

Give your rotary hammer an edge with DEWALT SDS Max Chisels & Demolition Steel. Crafted from hardened steel to helps to reduce breakage. Excellent for light chipping and chiseling of tile, mortar, glazing compounds, and other masonry materials.

Additional Features


  • For use with all brands of SDS Max demolition hammers and rotary hammers with chipping function.
  • Bull point (moil point) is used for general chipping and breaking.
  • Cold chisel (narrow chisel) is used for "channeling" or breaking in a straight line.
  • Scaling chisel (wide chisel) is used for removing tile, concrete splatter, and other excess material.
  • Clay spade is used for "trenching" or digging clay, gravel, hard-packed earth, etc.
  • Bushing tool is used for "roughing" or preparing concrete surfaces for chemical treatment.
  • Asphalt cutter is used for cutting soft masonry materials such as asphalt.
  • Ground rod driver is used for installing ground rods, parking bumper stakes, etc.
  • Slotting tool is used for removing grout from brick.
SKU Product Name Diameter Product Height Product Length Purchase
DW5848B 4" Clay Spade SDS Max Shank 4 in
DW5832 12" Bull Point Bit SDS Max Shank 2 in 22.5 in




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