Aluminum Flap Disc

Aluminum Flap Disc

Product Overview

The HP High-Performance Aluminum Flap Disc features a stearate coating that helps prevent premature loading for long life. Its high-performance, aluminum oxide grain provides uniform surface finish, and is designed for grinding angles of 15-25 degrees with a Type 29 durable fiberglass backing. It is best used for grinding and finishing aluminum and other soft metals.

Additional Features

SKU Product Name Disc Diameter Grit Size Material Product Pack Quantity Purchase
DW8311AL HP™ High-Performance Aluminum Flap Disc 4.5 in 40 5
DW8312AL HP™ High-Performance Aluminum Flap Disc 60 5
DW8306AL Aluminum Flap Disc
DW8308AL HP™ High-Performance Aluminum Flap Disc 4.5 in 60 10



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