High Performance™ Cutting Wheels

High Performance™ Cutting Wheels

Product Overview

Ideal for cutting in ferrous and stainless steel metals, DEWALT Type 27 HP Metal Cutting Wheels are crafted with aluminum oxide grain for fast, aggressive cutting and extended life. A proprietary material mix ensures long wheel life.

Additional Features

SKU Product Name Disc Diameter Disc Thickness Product Pack Quantity Purchase
DWA8426L  6" x 1/16" x 7/8" T27 High Performance Cutt-Off Wheel 6 in 0.04 in 25
DW8426MH T27 HP Metal Hub (6" X .045 X 5/8-11) 6 in 0.045 in 10
DWA8424F 4-1/2 x .040 x 7/8 T27 HP Cut-Off Wheel 5 in 0.875 in
DW8758 9" x 3/32" x 7/8" Metal Notching Wheel 7 in 0.0938 in 10
DWA8426F 6" x .040" x 7/8" T27 High Performance Cut-Off Wheel 4.5 in 0.0625 in 25
DWA8424L 4-1/2" x 1/16" x 7/8" T27 High Perfromance Cut-Off Wheel 0.04 in 25
DW8425H 5" x .045" x 5/8"-11 Metal Cutting Wheel 25



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