High Performance™ Cutting and Notching Wheels

High Performance™ Cutting and Notching Wheels

Engineered for long life with a 2X thicker wheel* and ideal for cutting and notching applications. Achieve fast material removal with more cutting edges from a high-grain concentration. It is Durable By DesignTM, built with two sheets of fiberglass for wheel strength to help to reduce wheel breakage.

SKU Diameter Disc Diameter Disc Thickness Power Output Product Pack Quantity Uncertainty K1 (Vibration) Uncertainty K2 (Vibration) Uncertainty K3 (Vibration) Purchase
DW8757 0.875 in 7 in 0.0938 in 25
DW8755 0.875 in 6 in 0.0938 in 25
DW8080 0.875 in 4.5 in 0.045 in 25
DW8754 0.625 in 5 in 0.0938 in 10
DW8756 0.625 in 6 in 0.0938 in 10
DW8751 0.875 in 4.5 in 0.0938 in 25
DW8753 0.625 in 10



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