SDS Max Hollow Bits

SDS Max Hollow Bits

Product Overview

When used with a dust extractor, DEWALT's Hollow Drill bit extracts dust while drilling for less dust, fast holes and fast adhesive anchor installation. DEWALT's Hollow Bit is part of their Perform & Protect product line, minimizing users' exposure to dust while drilling. The bit is also OSHA Table 1 compliant. Connects directly to DEWALT's Airlock System forming a secure, locking connection between bit and dust extractor.

Additional Features

SKU Product Name Purchase
DWA58116 SDS MAX Hollow Bits
DWA58901 SDS MAX Hollow Bits
DWA58978 SDS MAX Hollow Bits
DWA58958 SDS MAX Hollow Bits
DWA58112 SDS Max Hollow Bits
DWA58058 5/8" SDS Max Hollow Bit
DWA58934 SDS MAX Hollow Bits
DWA58078 7/8" SDS Max Hollow Bit
DWA58118 1 1/8" SDS Max Hollow Bit
DWA58138 SDS MAX Hollow Bits
DWA58918 SDS MAX Hollow Bits
DWA58034 3/4" SDS Max Hollow Bit
DWA58114 SDS MAX Hollow Bits
DWA58001 1" SDS Max Hollow Bit



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