HP Floor Mesh Screen Discs and Sheets

HP Floor Mesh Screen Discs and Sheets

Power off floor paint and varnish with DEWALT HP Floor Mesh Screen Discs & Sheets. Featuring heavy-duty silicon carbide grain, they deliver aggressive material removal on wood, concrete, and tile flooring. Durable enough for tough jobs.

SKU Grit Size Product Pack Quantity Purchase
DWAJ1710 1
DWAJ1812 120 10
DWAJ1860 5
DWAJ1712 100 10
DWAJ1718 220 10
DWAJ1815 150 10
DWAJ1780 80 10
DWAJ1818 180 10
DWAJ1880 60 10
DWAJ1822 180 10
DWAJ1722 220 10
DWAJ1715 150 10
DWAJ1810 60 10



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