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Drywall Sandpaper

Product Details

    Optimized for drywall application, DEWALT® Sandpaper exposes grains to easily smooth out surfaces with its specially designed open-coat structure. Minimize accidental, premature tears with this sandpaper"s rip-resistant paper backing. Its built-in suction holes increase air flow when attached to a vacuum system and for added security, the hook-and-loop attachment system firmly bonds the disc to the tool as you work.
    • Drywall
    • PVC
    • Wood
    • Secure grip: hook-and-loop attachment system securely bonds the disc to your tool

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    Product nameFind the right size SKU Product Diameter [in] Disc Diameter [in] Grit Size
    Drywall Sandpaper
    Drywall Sandpaper
    DWAS1205P 120
    Drywall Sandpaper
    DWAS15025P 150
    Drywall Sandpaper
    DWAS1505P 150
    Drywall Sandpaper
    DWAS24025P 240
    Drywall Sandpaper
    DWAS2405P 240
    Drywall Sandpaper
    DWAS805P 80


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