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7" Surface Grinding Dust Shroud

Product Details

    Universal Connector locks onto the DWE46170 7" Surface Grinding Dust Shroud with a twist and click eliminating the need for duct tape to hold the hose onto the shroud. Features dust collection solution for flush edge and open area grinding.
    • Tool-free clamp system is compatible with all DEWALT® large angle grinders
    • Delivers a dust shroud that will last in abusive jobsite enviornments and resist abrasion from debris collected
    • Flexible yet durable material allows the user to adjust pressure on the grinder to maintain contact on concrete surface without compromising the durability of the shroud
    • Provides improved productivity when efficient dust collection system/vac is used
    • Helps reduce user exposure to harmful Silica Dust
    • Fits all DEWALT LAGs but ideally suited for DWE4597 and DWE4557
    • (1) Dust Shroud

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