Discontinued DWMT17154
Retaining Pins
Discontinued DWMT17154

Retaining Pins

Product Overview

The DEWALT® Drive Pins are made with Chrome Vanadium steel for added durability and include a full lifetime warranty.

Additional Features

SKU Product Name Product Length Purchase
DWMT17139 1/2 in Drive (2 in-2-1/4 in) Retaining Pin 6 2/3 in
DWMT17148 3/4 in Drive 17-27 Metric (1/2 in - 1-1/16 in) Retaining Pin
DWMT17154 Retaining Pins
DWMT17144 1/2 in Drive 37-50 Metric (1-7/16 in-15/16 in) Retaining Pin
DWMT17140 1/2 in Drive 21-32 Metric (7/8 in-1-1/4 in) Retaining Pin
DWMT17150 3/4 in Drive 28-46 Metric (1-1/8 in - 1-15/16 in) Retaining Pin
DWMT17142 1/2 in Drive 33-36 Metric (1-5/16 in-1-3/8 in) Retaining Pin
DWMT17152 3/8 in Drive 16-24 Metric (5/8 in-1 in) Retaining Pin
DWMT17146 1/2 in Drive 8-20 Metric (5/16 in-13/16 in) Retaining Pin



Unfortunately, the warranty information cannot be retrieved for this specific product. Please review the information about our warranties.


We take extensive measures to ensure all our products are made to the very highest standards and meet all relevant industry regulations.

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