Discontinued DWMT75431
Open End Wrench (8 mm X 9 mm)

Product Overview

The Open End Wrench has DirectTorque™ technology to help prevent rounding of fasteners. This wrench also has the size stamped on both sizes of the handle to make it easy to identify within a tool box.

Additional Features

  • Stamped hashmark patter on wrench handle provides added grip points
  • Sizes stamped twice on both sides of wrench handle for easier size identification
  • DirectTorque™ Technology helps prevent rounding of fasteners
  • Full Lifetime Warranty
  • Stamped markings provide permanent visibility and prevents wear over time
SKU Product Name Outside Head Width 1 Head Thickness 1 Outside Head Width 2 Head Thickness 2 Overall Length Purchase
DWMT75433 Open End Wrench 12 mm X 13 mm 1-5/32 in 7/32 in 1-7/32 in 7/32 in 6-5/32 in
DWMT75435 Open End Wrench 16 mm X 18 mm 1-15/32 in 1/4 in 1-17/32 in 1/4 in 8-1/32 in
DWMT75431 Open End Wrench (8 mm X 9 mm) 13/16 in 5/32 in 29/32 in 5/32 in 5-1/2 in
DWMT75432 Open End Wrench 10 mm X 11 mm 31/32 in 3/16 in 1-1/16 in 3/16 in 6-5/32 in
DWMT75434 Open End Wrench 14 mm X 15 mm 1-5/16 in 3/16 in 1-3/8 in 3/16 in 7-13/32 in
DWMT75436 Open End Wrench 17 mm X 19 mm 1-5/8 in 1/4 in 1-11/16 in 1/4 in 8-11/16 in




  • Full Lifetime Warranty

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