21 in. Mulching Blade

Product Overview

Tackle routine yard work in a variety of conditions with the flexibility of the DEWALT 21 in. mulching blade. Besides mulching, this versatile 21 in. mulching blade is designed for both bagging and side-discharging functions. Return essential nutrients back to your grass as you mow or collect excess grass clippings from your yard with this 3-in-1 blade to promote a heathier, clean-cut lawn.

Additional Features

  • PROMOTES A HEALTHIER LAWN: Blade naturally fertilizes your yard by cutting and automatically redistributing grass clippings into your soil as you cut
  • LOW MAINTAINENCE LAWNCARE: Mulching blade saves time by eliminating the need to rake, bag, and haul trimmings away
  • QUICK INSTALLATION AND REMOVAL: Refer to operator"s manual for detailed installation instructions


  • (1) Contents include one blade with S-shape center hole pattern.



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