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Premium Fabricator Welding Gloves

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    The DEWALT DXMF01011 Fabricator's s Gloves are a premium solution for metal fabrication and light-duty MIG/TIG welding. These premium grade welder"s gloves utilize 100% grade-A buffalo leather, the toughest leather on the market, on the palms and fire resistant fabrics on the back and cuff to provide you with serious heat protection without sacrificing dexterity . This allows for easier, more precise equipment control during welds that leads to a cleaner result. Durable Kevlar® threading on the palm and throughout the entire glove resists heat and won't burn or melt during long use. The seamless buffalo leather palm of the glove is further reinforced by additional layers at high-abrasion locations like the thumb saddle and along the side of the hand with a drag patch for a truly long wearing glove. For additional protection from the bumps often encountered when welding and working with heavy metal parts the knuckles feature cotton-padded impact guards. The long, gauntlet-style open cuffs provide forearm protection and easily accommodate additional safety gear like fire-resistant sleeves and welder's jackets and the elastic sewn wrists provide you with a snug fit that is easy to put on and remove while staying securely in place while you work.
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    • Long, gauntlet-style open cuff is quick to put on and easily accommodates fire-resistant sleeves and jackets
    • Fire-resistant cotton padding provides increased impact protection for the knuckles
    • Leather reinforcing along the thumb saddle, palm, finger caps, and a drag patch for long glove life
    • Snug-fitting elastic-sewn wrist keeps out debris while welding while allowing glove to be easily slipped on and off
    • (1) Pair of Gloves

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