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Wiring Diagrams Professional Reference

Product Details

    The DEWALT® Wiring Diagrams Professional Reference is a must for anyone who installs or replaces electrical wiring. Filled with hundreds of diagrams and illustrations that are clear and easy to find, this handy pocket-guide covers everything from outlets, switches, lighting, motors, and controls to power distribution, transformers, grounding, low voltage, and hazardous locations. Basic wiring guidelines and specifications are also included to make this book as valuable a tool on-the-job as a pair of wire cutters.
    • Over 350 pages of reference materials for comprehensive topic coverage
    • (1) General Wiring Diagrams and Guidelines
    • (1) Grounding and Bounding Diagrams
    • (1) Hazardous Location Specifications
    • (1) Motor Control and Transformer Diagrams
    • (1) Power Distribution Installations and More
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