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Wall Mount Cantilever Rack (3 pc)

Product Details

    The 3 pc. Wall Mount Cantilever Rack are durable steel racks to store lumber, rods, dowels, metal bar stock, and more. The 6 in. arms can support up to 150 lbs. when evenly distributed across the set of three. The 10 in. arms can support up to 75 lbs. when evenly distributed across the three. The 12 in. can support up to 48 lbs. when evenly distributed across the three. Each has a 2.5 in. end stop that keeps from rolling off the rack. Locking pins secure each bracket to your storage rack and prevent them from coming free when stacking materials onto the rack.
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    Product Height [in]
    Product Width [in]
    • Each support arm features a 2.5 in. flat tab on the end to prevent round stock from rolling off
    • 36 in. tall wall mount rails easily mount to both finished walls or to bare 2X4 studs
    • Cantilever arms can be adjusted in 2.35 in. increments
    • (3) 36 in Wall Mount Uprights
    • (3) 6 in. Arms
    • (3) 10 in Arms
    • (3) 12 in Arms

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