Heavy-Duty Floor Liners

Heavy-Duty Floor Liners

Product Overview

Keep the lining inside of your truck protected with the Heavy-Duty Floor Liner. It has a thermoplastic construction that protects the side walls of the floorboard year round. A laser- fit design matches the floorboard of your truck and has a secured retention system to keep it locked in place. With a raised edge design, it helps contain liquid and debris until removed to clean.

Additional Features

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DXTAFL008 Heavy-Duty Floor Liner
DXTAFL003 Heavy-Duty Floor Liner
DXTAFL004 Heavy-Duty Floor Liner
DXTAFL002 Heavy-Duty Floor Liners
DXTAFL005 Heavy-Duty Floor Liner
DXTAFL011 Heavy-Duty Floor Liner
DXTAFL010 Heavy-Duty Floor Liner
DXTAFL001 Heavy-Duty Floor Liner



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