The dual-voltage 20V/60V MAX* FLEXVOLT® 9.0 Ah battery automatically changes voltage when you change tools, providing up to 6X runtime** in 20V MAX* tools and the power of corded in 60V MAX* and 120V MAX* tools. Take on tough jobs with this battery because patented technology and large format cells mean it runs cooler*** than the leading competitor 9.0 Ah battery pack under a constant discharge. This is the battery for FLEXVOLT® power and long runtime.

Dual Voltage for Ultimate Flexibility

DEWALT DCB609 9AH Battery Cell More Runtime

*Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 4, 20, 60 and 120 volts. Nominal voltage is 3.6, 18, 54 and 108. 120V MAX is based on using 2 DEWALT 60V MAX* lithium-ion batteries combined.



DEWALT DCB609 9AH Battery Runs Cooler

On average, the Milwaukee® 48-11-1890 Battery temperature rises 50% faster during a constant 60 amp discharge up to a 70°C thermal shutdown.


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    Is there an (M)SDS available for Lithium Ion Batteries?

    Please see the attached document for the MSDS on our lithium ion batteries.

    Black & Decker VPX0111 (7 Volt)
    Black & Decker BL1110, BL1310, BL1510 (10.8 Volt)
    Black and Decker LB12, LBX12, LBXR12 (12 Volt Max)
    Black & Decker A1114L, A1514L, BL1114, BL1314, BL1514 (14.4 Volt)
    Black & Decker LB16, LBX16, LBXR16 (16 Volt Max)
    Black & Decker A1518L, A1118L, LB018, BL1118, BL1318, BL1518 (18 Volt)
    Black & Decker LB20, LBX20, LBXR20, LBXR2020, LB2X4020 (20 Volt Max)
    Black & Decker BL1336, BL1536, BL2036 (36 Volt)
    Black & Decker LBX36, LBXR36, LBXR2040 (40 Volt Max)
    Bostitch 9B12070R (3.6 Volt)
    Bostitch 9R201436, 9R201498, 9R209111, 9R209775 (12/10.8 Volt)
    Bostitch B-CB182-EU (18 Volt)
    DEWALT DCB080 (8 Volt)
    DEWALT DCB121, DCB123, DCB125, DCB127 (10.8 Volt)
    DEWALT DCB120, DCB127 (12 Volt Max)
    DEWALT DC9140, DE9140, DE9141, DC9144, DCB140, DCB141, DCB142, DCB143,
    DCB144, DCB145 (14.4 Volt)
    DEWALT DC9180, DE9180, DC9181, DC9182, DE9181, DCB180, DCB181, DCB182,
    DCB183, DCB184, DCB185 (18 Volt)
    DEWALT DCB200, DCB201, DCB203, DCB204, DCB205, DCB207 (20 Volt Max)
    DEWALT DC9280, DE9280 (28 Volt)
    DEWALT DC9360, DE9360, DCB361 (36 Volt)
    DuBuis AB18LI300, AB18LI150 (18 Volt)
    Facom CL3.BA1018, CL3.BA1015, CL3.BA1020 (10.8 Volt)
    Facom CL3.BA1815, CL3.BA1830, CL3.BA1820, CL3.BA1840, CL3.BA1850 (18 Volt)
    MAC Tools MB120, MB127 (12 Volt Max)
    MAC Tools MB200, MB201, MB203, MB204, MB205 (20 Volt Max)
    MAC Tools MB120-UK, MB127-UK (10.8V)
    MAC Tools MB200-UK, MB201-UK, MB203-UK, MB204-UK, MB205-UK (18 Volt)
    POP EBC180, EBC181, EBC182, EBC183 (18 Volt)
    Porter-Cable PC12BL, PC12BLX, PC12BLXLW (12 Volt)
    Porter-Cable PC18BL, PC18BLX, PC18BLEX (18 Volt)
    Porter-Cable PCC680L, PCC681L, PCC685L, PCC682L (20 Volt Max)
    Sidchrome SCMT90050, SCMT90053 (10.8 Volt)
    Sidchrome SCMT90051, SCMT90052, SCMT90054, SCMT90055, SCMT90056 (18 Volt)
    Stanley FatMax FMC085L (10.8 Volt)
    Stanley FatMax FMC080L (12 Volt Max)
    Stanley FatMax FMC585L (14.4 Volt Max)
    Stanley FatMax FMC680L, FMC685L, FMC686L, FMC687L, FMC688L (18/20 Volt)

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    What are the amp hours of the DEWALT batteries?

    To see this list in Spanish, please open the attachment.
    Para ver esta lista en español, por favor abra el archivo adjunto.

    The amp hour rating of the various DEWALT batteries are as follows:

    DEWALT Battery Model NumberAmp Hour
    DW9046, DW9048, DW9050, DW9051, DC90981.2
    DW9057, DW9062, DW9072, DW9094,DW90981.3
    DCB201, DCB1201.5
    DC9094, DC9099, DW9061, DW9071, DW9091, DW9095, DW9099, DW02401.7
    DW0242, DCB203, DC9180, DC91822.0
    DC9071, DC9091, DC9096, DC9360, DC9280, DC9144, DW9096, DCB3612.4
    DCB204, DCB4044.0