Quickly and accurately layout your concrete formwork with DEWALT's full line of rotating, line and spot lasers, digital measuring tools and optical levels. From grading your site using our 20V Tough Rotary Laser to leveling form work, DEWALT has you covered.


No one wants to spend hours building their forms, so put DEWALT's full line of 20V and ultra-powerful 60V tools to work. With the power to last all day, our power tools will help you get your job done fast.


Connecting new concrete to existing concrete has never been easier with DEWALT'S complete rebar doweling system. From designing embedment depths with DEWALT DESIGN ASSIST, to hammer drills, bits, dust collection systems and ICC approved chemical anchors, everything you need to complete a rebar doweling project works seamlessly together to make you more efficient.


Once the formwork is removed, your job isn’t over, and neither is ours. DEWALT has all the concrete finishing tools and accessories you need to complete all your post cure work and make the concrete look beautiful.