Concrete Solutions

Rebar Doweling & Anchoring

Rebar dowels are used to brace the joints between two concrete elements. DEWALT has a solution for every phase of this process. Use the step-by-step configurator below to build your solution.

Rebar Doweling Solution Builder


Welcome to the DEWALT Rebar Doweling Solution Builder. This configurator will help you determine what's needed for rebar doweling:

  • Products - for both solid and hollow drill bit methodology. Includes OSHA Table 1 compliant solutions. Based on your inputs, it will calculate quantities of drill bits and cases of adhesive anchors.
  • Services - links to the submittal generator and anchor pull testing.
  • Software - links to concrete anchor design, equipment management and document management.
  • Training - links to adhesive anchor training and OSHA training.

The solution builder will provider you with a pdf list of the relevant products. It will include images, descriptions, SKUs and quantities.

Let us know your thoughts on the configurator below.

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Anchors & Fasteners

DEWALT offers a wide variety of post-installed anchors, cast-in place anchors and fastening systems.