Demolition hammer dust shroud chiseling being used by a person to chisel.
Demolition Solutions

Metal Demolition

A concrete demolishing metal planks

Demolition of metal structures has never been easier with the DEWALT full like of cordless metal cutting saws and premium blades.

DEWALT Anchors & Fasteners  Cast-In-Place Anchors and Accessories on Steel Deck and Wood Surface

Anchors & Fasteners

DEWALT offers a wide variety of post-installed anchors, cast-in place anchors and fastening systems.

Anchor & Fastener Selector


Welcome to the DEWALT Anchor & Fastener Selector. This selector will help you find the relevant anchors or fasteners for your application:

  • Types of Product - adhesive, mechanical and direct fastening are included.
  • Post-Tension cables - anchors with shallow embedment for PT decks.
  • Base material - various base materials such as concrete, CMU and brick. Also wood and steel.
  • Cast-in and Post Installed - both are supported. Including cast-in for metal deck and wood forms.
  • Approvals - ICC, COLA, FM and UL.
  • Power sources - for direct fastening, powder, gas and battery are available.

The selector will provide you relevant options and links to the product pages for more information.


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Relevant Service & Training



Depending on the product, DEWALT® offers No Break Guarantee; 30-Day, 3-Year and 7-Year Limited Warranty package; and, Limited Lifetime Warranty packages.


Repair Services

If a tool goes down, we have your back. Get the unmatched service of DEWALT from our company owned or authorized service centers located where you need us.


On-Site Services

While onsite, DEWALT provides priority repairs, field engineer assistance, product trainings, and tools assessments to ensure maximum profitability. 


OSHA Construction Training

Let us help you the meet compliance requirements - at your own pace - that your team needs and get to work fast.


Tool Safety Trainings

Learn about common hazards of hand and power tools, how to avoid them, and understand OSHA standards for tool safety in the construction industry.


Lunch & Learn Program

DEWALT provides Professional Development Hours (PDH) for structural engineers and building code officials through our seminars.