HangerWorks Software Saves Burkett BIM Team Significant Time

Time-consuming process of placing & coordinating hanger points made easier with DEWALT software.

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On a recent project, Burkett Enterprises started placing hangers using their traditional method of Fabrication Parts inside of Revit®, which resulted in 4 1⁄2 hours’ worth of work that left them with very little to show for their efforts.

They had heard of DEWALT HangerWorks but had not used the software. Knowing they still had several floors of hangers to coordinate and place, they acquired a license and began using the software on the remaining four floors of the project.

“DEWALT HangerWorks not only places hangers automatically, but also places seismic bracing which is a huge pain point. Placement can be modified on-the-fly during regularly scheduled coordination meetings.”

–Jason Burkett -Owner, Burkett Enterprises

Using HangerWorks, the Burkett Enterprises BIM team averaged 35 minutes per floor, stating the time savings was significant when it came to placing hangers. Even more beneficial was the ability to automatically generate bill of materials, point exports and spool sheets right in HangerWorks.

In comparing their old work flow to the new flow with HangerWorks, they found that simple steps like placing multiple hangers along a single system resulted in more than 2 minutes of time savings. They then went on to export points, creating custom schedules and setting up spool sheets all resulting in significant time savings that accumulated quickly from project to project.

DEWALT HangerWorks plug-in for Autodesk Revit® is a tool that automates the placement and design of hangers and seismic bracing for MEP systems such as pipe, duct, conduit, and cable trays. Complex engineering calculations are built-in to the tool that enable it to size hanger assemblies based on the weights of the MEP system including contents (water, wire, air) and determine hanger locations based on building code requirements and user-defined project standards.

Project Results*

  • 100+ hours saved total
  • 15.5 hours saved placing hangers
  • 1.4 hours saved placing points
  • 26.9 hours saved calculating point loads
  • 55.25 hours saved spooling*

Estimated savings and results based on one particular project where Fabrication Parts inside of Revit® was used for floor 1 and DEWALT HangerworksTM Plug-In for Revit® was used for floors 2-5. Experienced third party designer from Burkett Enterprises, LLC. Results will vary among users and projects.