Brushless Cordless 1 and 3 quarters inch Compact Band Saw being used by worker to cut strut channel

Mechanical Solutions

Mechanical projects are complex. Our Total Trade Solutions help alleviate complexities and increase productivity by going beyond tools and offering software, anchors & fasteners, training, maintenance, and service for all dry and wet mechanical applications.

Cordless Configurator


Welcome to the DEWALT Cordless Kit Configurator. This configurator will help you build the list of cordless tools, batteries and chargers for your project. In this central resource you'll find:

  • Power Tools - the full range of 12V, 20V and 60V cordless power tools
  • Batteries - 12V, 20V and 60V batteries including POWERSTACK
  • Chargers - single and multiport chargers. Both standard and fast charging.
  • Lasers - spot, line and rotary lasers.
  • Lighting - work lights, spot lights, hood lights and area lights.
  • Vacuums - dry and wet/dry vacuums. Also dust extractors.

The configurator will provide you with a pdf list of the relevant products. It will include images, descriptions, SKUs and quantities.

Let us know your thoughts on the configurator below.

6 INCH CORDLESS GRINDER WITH KICKBACK BRAKE being used by a workman on a work site


DEWALT provides the Mechanical Contractor a complete line of products including concrete drilling solutions, grinders, saws, press tools, impact drivers /wrenches, blades, abrasives, sockets and anchors they need to cut, prep, connect, and secure the systems that provide climate control for a building.


DEWALT offers the full solution of power and hand tools, accessories and anchors including press tools, threaders, saws, grinders ratchets, wrenches, blades, abrasives, and anchors that allow the pipe fitter to construct systems for the delivery and removal of chemicals and gases through a facility.


When the Mechanical Contractor needs to cut, thread, press, or fasten a collared fitting to construct the piping system for a building, DEWALT offers the cordless solution for cutting, threading, pressing, and impacts for fastening. We also offer concrete drilling and anchoring solutions when securing pipe is required.