Five Impactful Tool Connect App Features

Experience Tool Connect app features that could help you and your team save time and money. Let's explore some of its features you may find helpful.

Jobsite Wifi Access Point being used on a work site.


DEWALT® Tool Connect is a three-part inventory management solution designed to help you save time and money. The first part of the solution is Tool Connect™ assets which includes Tool Connect™ tools with integrated Bluetooth®, the 20V MAX* Connector that permanently attaches to tools, and any item with an attached Tool Connect™ Tag. The second portion of the solution is the free Tool Connect™ app that allows you to customize, track, and collect data from your Tool Connect assets. The third part of this solution is the online Inventory Manager portal that tracks and manages assets across multiple jobsites from your office or jobsite trailer.

Let’s take a dive into the Tool Connect app and explore some of its features you may find helpful.

1. Enable & Disable

To deter theft, this feature allows you to disable tools and batteries when they are out of range. Simply, your tools won’t work when you are not around. Tool Connect allows you to enable your tools when in range and have them automatically disable when they are out of range.

2. Last seen & out of range alerts

This feature sends you an alert notification when an asset goes out of range. Set a virtual fence and get alerts on your smart devices when tracked tools, equipment, or materials are removed. When you get this notification, it will take you to the tool’s information on the app which has a “Last Seen” function. It will provide an address and timestamp of when the asset was last seen before leaving range.

3. Customize tool settings

Use this feature to customize your tool settings in the app for the specific job application you are working on. Settings like LED brightness, LED delay, maximum tool speeds, Precision Drive, bind-up control and alerts can be fully customized.

4. Lend your tools

With this feature, you can lend your tools to users with the peace of mind that they will automatically disable after the lend period is over. This will remind the borrower to return the tools to you. Choose the date and time the tools will be lent and once that time is up, the tool will stop working and must be returned to be re-enabled for use.

5. Data collection

From battery status to measurements from your 330 foot Laser Distance Measurer, you receive real-time data from your Tool Connect tools about their performance and status on your smart devices. This feature allows you to store and save measurements on your mobile device and mark-up photos you take of rooms with distances.

person using a tablet with Jobsite Wifi Access Point.

As you can see, there are many features of the DEWALT Tool Connect app to help you save time and money.

Download the Tool Connect app here:

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*Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18.