What ToughSystem® Is And Why You Need It

Being prepared and organized for the work day can be just as rigorous as the work day itself. In growing your arsenal of tools, you always need something to make sure you can protect your valuables while still staying organized and ready for the day, no matter what it holds.

At DEWALT®, we listen to our end-user to create solutions to their storage needs. Our ToughSystem® Storage Solutions is the ideal ecosystem to not only protect your tools, but to also allow your products to travel wherever you go. It is a mobile, modular tool storage system that allows you to quickly and easily customize various combinations of tool boxes for whatever your need while keeping you organized and prepared.

CUSTOMIZATION - Stack Beyond Limits

The jobs that our users do can be common, but the way our users complete them are unique to the individual. One of the most prominent aspects of ToughSystem is the ability to configure the assortment of units however you need it to meet your needs. The ToughSystem family of products are able to be stacked and stored in numerous ways to make our users’ lives easier and more efficient. Our Toughsystem units even provide additional organization within the tool boxes themselves. The clear lid organizer and DS130 ToughSystem Organizer offer removable cups and storage pockets within the units to allow for even more capacity. Not only can you do this with our tool boxes, but also with our ToughSystem Radio and new ToughSystem Cooler. Listen to music and store anything cold wherever you go.

VERSATILITY - Tool Storage That Goes Wherever You Go

When on your jobsite, there are some things that help you get the job done and then there are others that help make the job more enjoyable. ToughSystem not only brings you optimal storage to protect your tools and accessories, it also provides products to make life a bit more convenient. Our new ToughSystem Cooler allows you to work hard and stay cool on the job. It retains ice for five days and is rated at IP65 water and dust resistance. It has a maximum load capacity of 88 lb. and is equipped with a bottle opener and two drink holders. We also have our ToughSystem Radio that allows you to play music from your phone or listen to the radio while charging your phone or battery as well. Both units are compatible and stack with the rest of the ToughSystem units, racking, and trolleys. Enjoy your job while still working hard.

PORTABILITY - Stack Up. Move Out.

One of the difficult tasks in being able to get to your job is transporting items from your workshop to your jobsite without damaging your tools. With our ToughSystem, we have you covered from your workshop, to your truck or van, to the jobsite. The unique ToughSystem® DS Carrier is a must have when owning the ToughSystem® Storage family. It allows any unit of the family to be mounted and removed independently from the rest. Other storage systems require users to stack and latch their units on top of each other. Therefore, if you need the bottom unit, you must break down the tower to get to it. Our patented brackets on the DS Carrier, allow the units to slide into place, and onto the carrier while still having the ability to stack and latch additional units if desired.  The unit also has a central locking mechanism that can be padlocked, with a maximum load capacity of 265 lb. However, all modules can easily be stacked together using the side latches as well.

Along with the DS Carrier, our Workshop and Van Racking Solutions are also exclusive additions to the ToughSystem lineup. Our crash-tested, self-assembled van racking solution allows users to safely transport their products to their destination. This unit comes in two sizes to accommodate both low and high vans. Each rack can carry up to 154 lb. to accommodate those heavy power tools. This space-saving design also allows for the brackets to easily fold out of the way when not in use. The Workshop racking solution is a self-assembly racking that can hold up to 440 lb. It allows users to store and organize their ToughSystem units however they want to accommodate their needs while in their garage or workshop.

DURABILITY - Stacks Up To Any Jobsite

DEWALT is known to be GUARANTEED TOUGH® so our users can rest assured that our products can tackle whatever our users throw at them. Our storage products uphold that same mantra. ToughSystem Storage tool boxes feature rust-resistant metal latches, an area for padlocking, and an air-valve gauge. The mobile units have wheels that have been created to withstand various surfaces for easy and unharmed transportation and the DS Carrier specifically includes a unified locking system to secure all modules with a one-handed operation. The toolboxes were engineered with water seal protection and IP65/IP54 ratings for water and dust resistance. ToughSystem was engineered to keep up with our user.
Keep your tools safe and prepare to take on tomorrow with the ToughSystem Storage Solution line of products. DEWALT has created this product family to fit the users’ needs and to create a home for their prized possessions. Store your tools how professionals should with DEWALT ToughSystem Storage Solutions.