Utilize DEWALT HangerWorks™ Pro plug-in for REVIT® to automate point loads and seismic bracing, perform clash detection all with engineering quick stamps. DEWALT offers spot and rotary laser solutions in red and green beams to provide the accuracy for layout with confidence and speed.


When the Electrical Contractors needs to install a panel or switch gear, DEWALT has a growing line of electrical tools, anchors, and accessories that provide innovative solutions. Cordless solutions like the Cable Stripper, Died and Dieless Crimping Tools, and Threaded Rod Cutter provide innovative solutions which increase productivity and include user friendly feature that help prevent worksite incidence.


When Electricians need to run rigid/galvanized conduit DEWALT provides the cordless solutions that enable the contractor to get the job done. Professional solutions like the Dual Switch Band Saw and Cordless Pipe Threading Tool deliver the power to get the job down with the convenience of cordless for the most remote areas. These products include features like Dual Switches and E-Clutch Systems to help protect the operator.


Running cable tray requires a range of solutions from anchors and lasers to tools for cutting strut and rod. Using the latest technology and user feedback, DEWALT provides solutions such as the Atomic 20V MAX* Brushless Bandsaw and Rotary Hammer which provide ergonomic solutions with the power to get the job done.


Low voltage applications demand solutions that are light weight, compact and easy to use. DEWALT’s 12V MAX* Xtreme cordless rotatory hammers, saws, impacts and lights combined with a full line of anchors for a range of base materials allows DEWALT to provide unique solutions to support your next data, security or low voltage project.