XP 22 Ounce 1 Piece STEEL HAMMER being used on nail.
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New Technology Added To Xp Line Of Hammers


  • Push-In Couplers used to connect pre-assembled strut trapeze to DDI threaded inserts for metal deck.
    Case Study

    Save 36% Labor Costs On DEWALT Hanger Lift-Related Installations

    As a Lean Construction company, ArchKey/ Parsons Electric’s goal is to continuously improve which means looking at the way things are done and finding better, smarter, and faster ways to achieve outcomes without adding cost or sacrificing safety. ArchKey/ Parsons Electric saved 110 installation hours using DEWALT Push-in Couplers.

  • Brushless, cordless SDS MAX combination rotary hammer being used by a person
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    Dust Connected Catalog

    Use our Dust Connected Catalog to find the right products for concrete, drywall and saw dust.

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    Enough is enough. Eliminate the high costs of construction assets.

    Tool theft is an increasingly common problem in construction today, this blog covers best practices to mitigate asset theft and mismanagement.

  • A woman is holding a DEWALT MATRIX™ Jig Saw Attachment for Cordless Drill.

    20 Tips for Improving Construction Asset Tracking

    This blog will cover how by using web-based construction asset and inventory tracking software, construction companies can gain greater visibility and control over their assets, improving efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

  • DEWALT MATRIX™ Jig Cordless Drill is placed on the table.

    How is Web-Based Construction Inventory Software Changing the Industry?

    Streamline your operations by taking control of tool and equipment inventories, better managing field and warehouse logistics, and supporting safety programs with purpose-built technology.