XP 22 Ounce 1 Piece STEEL HAMMER being used on nail.
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New Technology Added To Xp Line Of Hammers


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    We'll dive into each type of laser and for which applications each is most commonly used. We'll also outline a few key products offered by DEWALT for each category.

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    Top 10 Lithium Ion Battery Storage & Safety Tips

    The Power Tool Institute is encouraging you to Take Charge Of Your Battery through proper battery selection, usage, transportation, storage and disposal.

  • DEWALT Electronic Tools

    We always set out to exceed expectations. We have expanded our robust line of Electronic Tools to include lasers, laser distance measurers, and now stud finders.

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    DEWALT has partnered with Flags of Valor and Wounded Warrior Project® to raise awareness of veteran support through the Join the Salute campaign.

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